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You've probably heard the term topping from the bottom but do you know what it really means? Ms. Ryan discusses just exactly what it means in Topping from the Bottom.

A strict Mistress is not always a mean Mistress. Sometimes, she is sensual and seductive. For example, I am the image of perfection in every single way. I'll lure you in with my dangerous curves, my sultry voice, and my eyes that dazzle you, not to even mention the sparkle of my smile that will make you instantly weak. You will feel weak in your knees as I run my fingers across your skin so softly that your entire body feels like electricity is coursing through it. Read more about A Sensual Strict Mistress.

Stop. No. I don’t want to! Help! Those are all words that in daily life are considered cause for alarm, letting someone know you don’t like something that you want it to end or stop as it were. We use them without thinking. But they don’t work in BDSM, because of the nature of many fetishes the play becomes something where the submissive might say “no” but mean “yes”. That's why it is important to have a safeword. Learn more about it in What is a Safeword.

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