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All your life you've been seeking discipline and it has eluded you. All your life you've been failing with boundaries, those have eluded you as well. Your life is out of control; No matter how hard you tried to get a handle on things.

It's time to admit, that a strict lifestyle Mistress is your only beacon of stability and structure.

You find yourself always needing to be in charge and in control of your every day life. You can be released of all that pressure when you submit all control, of every inch of you, to me.

Being your very Strict Mistress is something you crave, need and can't be without. I have a way of stepping into your mind, your soul, every inch of your physicality, and conquering you inside and out.

You relinquishing all control and never even daring to THINK about disobeying me will lead you down a path that has been elusive and you could not fully hope to attain.

With me as your Strictest Mistress you can finally start on your correct and proper life journey to utter transcendence.

This will NOT be an easy road. You will not be allowed any mistakes you will not be forgiven for any transgression.

If you wish to enter my Strict Dominatrix Universe you must enter it fully. You must enter with humility in your heart With nothing but OBEDIENCE and DEVOTION to me, Your Strict Mistress, Alina Sky.

What I demand of you may feel like too much at times. But you cannot achieve your goals if I don't put you through your paces.

You've arrived at a point in your life where you absolutely understand that what you need is the Strictest Mistress Possible.

I am not without compassion, but you will have to fully earn that. I will reward you for every goal you've reached, when you show me that my standards and demands are met. My power over you will be deep and extend well beyond our phone session, because you must NEVER allow yourself to stray from the path I've set out for you.

You are not here for the easy road, or quick gratification, oh no. You are here to prove you can and will be more than you ever thought or imagined for yourself to become.

This is a transition that will grant you rebirth My brand of strict domination will grant you total absolution and show you how to enhance every aspect of yourself to your fullest potential.

It is your great honor that you've come to worship at my feet, begging me to take control over everything you are. Giving yourself knowing that disobedience has it's very heavy price, that you will be pushed to your every limit.

I am Mistress Alina Sky
I am YOUR Strictest Mistress.

Welcome To The Alina Sky Strict Domination Experience