$2.75 per min. with a 10 min. minimum / Must Be 18+


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What makes a Strictest Mistress? Is it yelling at you, humiliating you and making you feel worthless? Is it controlling everything you do? Is it keeping you in chastity for ever longer periods of time? Is it spanking you, whipping you, tormenting your nipples, cock and balls? I think it can be all of the above?or none of them.

You see, being the Strictest Mistress is all about control. How I wield that control is all up to me. You certainly do play a part ? you are my amusing plaything after all. Listening to your sighs, moans, grunts and squeals, watching you as you perform, that all tells me exactly what I need to do to control you.

Yell at you? Well, I may need to, just to get your attention. I like to take a more?measured approach. Isn't it so much more humiliating when I lean down, and whisper in your ear ?what a naughty slave you are?? Or when I just quietly, dismissively say to you, ?That just was not good enough.? Doesn't that make you feel so small?

I will control everything you do. If you are looking for a strict Mistress, my instructions won't end when you hang up the phone. I love to micromanage your life, and I will send you instructions of various tasks to perform when we?re not doing a session together. It will remind you constantly of just who you serve?and who really owns your cock!

You will need to be disciplined, to be punished. Oh, there is playful, fun discipline, but when you disappoint your strict Mistress, you should expect to be punished. Punishment is not play! You will not enjoy it, but you will endure it, simply as a badge of honor, to show me just how devoted you are.