$2.75 per min. with a 10 min. minimum / Must Be 18+


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I am Mistress Cassandra, aka "The Dicktator". I bring men to their knees, mind fuck them, and lock their undisciplined cocks in chastity. A man's release to orgasm is the least of MY concern, and a denied man is a controlled, obedient, attentive, and somewhat worthy man.

I am also into hard core humiliation, intense and painful CBT, forced bi training, smoking fetishism, politically incorrect racial condescension, and any possible shocking and strange freak boy fantasy that you have crawling around your little pervert brain! Nothing will shock ME and I will gladly fuck you over if you should submissively request it. Bring ME your sicko scenarios and I will bring them to life and then bury you alive with them.

Do not call ME for a sensual domination session. I will not give you fucky sucky phone sex either. You have called a hardcore Domme, you will amuse ME and be used by ME, and you will do whatever the domination hell I tell you to do.

Sluts like you find ME irresistible because I am beautiful, seductive, intense, mean and unattainable. Unattainable I am. Do not call with real time date innuendos. I take charge of your pathetic existence on the phone so I don't have to see your little dick, your big fat ass, and your greasy bald head, loser, so DON'T ask. Just pay, purchase from MY wish list, and tribute as a true submissive slut is expected.

Are your knees weak and trembling yet? Good!! Now pick up the phone with your feeble little hand and in your whimpiest voice request a descent into hell with The Dicktator. Have your toys that you carefully hide from your wife (if you are lucky enough to have one) out and ready, you sneaky porn obsessed wanker. This is your judgment day, and you are now in domination hell.